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Control The Trades Within Pricebook

478 views August 25, 2020

Control the FlatRateNOW pricebook and display only the trades you want to see.

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Labour Adjustment Feature

143 views August 20, 2020

Not interested in adjusting the entire value of the quote? With the Labour Adjustment Feature,...

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Brighte + FlatRateNOW

30 views August 12, 2020

Offer the convenience of paying an invoice over time with FlatRateNOW + Brighte. Easy to use...

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ServiceM8 Integration Video

122 views June 03, 2020

Integrate ServiceM8 with FlatRateNOW to create a powerful Job Management and Sales system. Give...

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Show Only Favourite Products - Ipad

26 views August 07, 2020

View the 'Show Only Favourited Products' feature in action on an ipad!

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Enabling 'Show Only Favourite Products' Feature

32 views August 07, 2020

Enable the 'Show Only Favourite Products' feature to determine what products you want your...

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Modify Pricing Tiers & Set Your Quote Adjustment Limits

39 views August 03, 2020

FlatRateNOW offers 2 methods of adjusting the value of tasks while onsite - Pricing Tiers & Quote...

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Adding your Labour Rate into FlatRateNOW

28 views August 03, 2020

Your Labour Rate is used to calculate the labour component of each task in the FlatRateNOW...

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Add Terms & Conditions to FlatRateNOW

27 views August 03, 2020

Terms & Conditions are extremely important to your business. Without them, your quotes and...

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Company Details + Logo

32 views August 03, 2020

Personalise FlatRateNOW by adding your company details and logo. This is handled out of your...

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Invoicing & Collecting Payment in FlatRateNOW

25 views August 02, 2020

Once you have completed the job, it is time to invoice and collect payment. If you integrate your...

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Send and Accept quotes from within your FlatRateNOW app

33 views August 02, 2020

After you have created the quotation you can either send it to your client via email or receive...

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Altering Prices within the FlatRateNOW App

47 views August 02, 2020

Within FlatRateNOW there are 2 methods of altering prices on the quote, Pricing Tiers & the Quote...

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Starting A New Job

36 views July 31, 2020

Starting new jobs in FlatRateNOW is handled directly out of the quoting app. Create as many...

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Navigating the FlatRateNOW Pricebook

78 views July 31, 2020

The FlatRateNOW In-App Pricebook offers access to over 1,500 pre-built tasks, linked to thousands...