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Control The Trades Within Pricebook

478 views August 25, 2020

Control the FlatRateNOW pricebook and display only the trades you want to see.

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Labour Adjustment Feature

143 views August 20, 2020

Not interested in adjusting the entire value of the quote? With the Labour Adjustment Feature,...

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Brighte + FlatRateNOW

30 views August 12, 2020

Offer the convenience of paying an invoice over time with FlatRateNOW + Brighte. Easy to use...

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ServiceM8 Integration Video

122 views June 03, 2020

Integrate ServiceM8 with FlatRateNOW to create a powerful Job Management and Sales system. Give...

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Show Only Favourite Products - Ipad

26 views August 07, 2020

View the 'Show Only Favourited Products' feature in action on an ipad!

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Enabling 'Show Only Favourite Products' Feature

32 views August 07, 2020

Enable the 'Show Only Favourite Products' feature to determine what products you want your...

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Quote & Finance in 3 Steps

38 views July 08, 2020

Create detailed quotations and present a payment plan option to your client, all in the same...

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Finance From Pending Quote

23 views July 02, 2020

In version 1.2, a fix was deployed to enable the processing of Finance Forms on a Pending quote.

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Version 1.2 Update

21 views July 02, 2020

FlatRateNOW Version 1.2 is now available. The newly developed notification queue improves your...

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How to set the Bonus Payment amount on an...

33 views June 23, 2020

The Bonus Payment feature allows you to set a dollar amount on an individual task that is payable...

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FlatRateNOW Demo

275 views June 17, 2020

We've created a short demonstration video so that you can see just how well our solution will...

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App update 1.1.6

77 views June 16, 2020

Version 1.1.6 is now available from the IOS and Apple app store. The 1.1.6 update includes the...