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Preview your Materials

496 views June 03, 2022

Many of you have asked, "When in the field, how will I know whether a task has everything I...

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An Exclusive Sneak Peek with FlatRateNOW's CEO,...

194 views March 21, 2022

FlatRateNOW is an Australian-made quoting solution for Trade Businesses with an in-app catalogue...

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FlatRateNOW purchase order and reece maX

176 views August 25, 2021

Building quotes from pre-built tasks doesn't only improve your detail and accuracy but also...

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Custom Pricing Tier - 3 steps

80 views April 22, 2021

How to use the custom pricing tier in 3 steps!

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Task Template Modifier - Brief Presentation

454 views March 10, 2021

This video presents in basic steps how you access the Task Template modifier feature.

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Task Modification Feature

467 views March 06, 2021

Access over 1,800+ pre-built tasks and enjoy the flexibility of modifying the heading,...

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Modify Task Details

114 views March 05, 2021

Modifying a task within FlatRateNOW with the 'Task Modification Feature'.

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Editing Task Descriptions

330 views January 28, 2021

Edit the task heading descriptions directly within the quoting app so you can tailor your...

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Integrate FlatRateNOW with Xero

100 views October 29, 2020

Follow this video to learn how to integrate your FlatRateNOW with Xero within 90 seconds!

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Control The Trades Within Pricebook

577 views August 25, 2020

Control the FlatRateNOW pricebook and display only the trades you want to see.

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Labour Adjustment Feature

259 views August 20, 2020

Not interested in adjusting the entire value of the quote? With the Labour Adjustment Feature,...