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Online Quote Feature

53 views April 30, 2020

Improve your customer service and raise your customers expectations by using FlatRateNOW's online...

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Changing Available Repayment Terms

49 views April 06, 2020

Add or remove the repayment terms your employees can offer your customers.

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Create Finance Form From Invoice Payment Page

43 views April 06, 2020

If your customer has changed their mind and would like to organise a payment plan once the job...

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Create Finance Forms From The Quoting Screen

90 views April 05, 2020

Create a finance form straight out of FlatRateNOW's quoting screen. In a few clicks, you will...

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Link Brighte & FRN Users

48 views April 05, 2020

Securely track which of your employees are selling payment plans to your customers. Link their...

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Introducing FlatRateNOW

125 views April 05, 2020

Introducing the FlatRateNOW app, the Australian made app that makes building detailed quotes easy...

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Create Call Out Fees

102 views December 12, 2019

Create your very own call out fees with this simple video.

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Updating The Email Section

70 views November 06, 2019

Emails are generated all the time in FlatRateNOW. In this video, we show you how to update the...

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Integrate Flat Rate NOW with Servicem8

93 views November 06, 2019

Flat Rate NOW's integration with ServiceM8 improves your quoting ability whilst still working...

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Adding a Preset Discount to your quote

55 views November 05, 2019

A Preset Discount or more commonly known as a coupon are important to the success of your...

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Create Users in Flat Rate NOW

40 views November 05, 2019

Hiring a new employee? Need to update a user record? In this video, we will show you how to...

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Setting your Dynamic Pricing Limit

79 views November 05, 2019

Setting your dynamic pricing limit allows autonomy for your tradesmen on the field. The dynamic...