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Setting Your Product Markups

101 views November 05, 2019

Each month, Flat Rate NOW imports the latest price file from a range of different suppliers. So...

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How to enable the 'Show Savings' feature

59 views November 05, 2019

To show savings on your quotation you have to enable this feature. In this video, we will show...

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Setting Your Labour Rate

102 views November 05, 2019

You need to set your labour rate if you are going to be quoting accurately. In this video, we...

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Show Savings On Your Quotes

50 views November 05, 2019

Showing the savings on your quotation is a good way to improve your chance of success on your...

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Configure your company settings

77 views November 05, 2019

Make Flat Rate NOW your own. By configuring your company settings, you make Flat Rate NOW yours....

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Setting Up Pricing Tiers

56 views November 05, 2019

Pricing Tiers are important to the sale process. They allow you to offer loyal clients a...

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Quoting a Hot Water System

70 views November 05, 2019

Supply & Install of a Hot Water System is a standard job for any plumber. With this video, we...

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Quote to unblock a drain

49 views November 05, 2019

The staple of any modern plumber is to quote for a blocked drain. In this video, we will show you...

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Using the One Time Task

46 views November 05, 2019

The 'One Time Task' gives you the ability to write up your own task on the spot. All you need to...

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Adding your Call Out Fee to your quote

34 views November 05, 2019

First step in any quotation is to add your call out fee, whether its 'call out fee', 'inspection...

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Navigating Flat Rate NOW

203 views November 05, 2019

Navigating Flat Rate NOW for the first time may be considered 'dauting' but with this short tour,...

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Applying Pricing Tiers to your tasks

45 views November 05, 2019

Pricing Tiers are important to the success of your quotation. Applying a Pensioner, Loyalty,...