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Brighte + FlatRateNOW

60 views August 12, 2020

Offer the convenience of paying an invoice over time with FlatRateNOW + Brighte. Easy to use...

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Quote & Finance in 3 Steps

89 views July 08, 2020

Create detailed quotations and present a payment plan option to your client, all in the same...

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Finance From Pending Quote

52 views July 02, 2020

In version 1.2, a fix was deployed to enable the processing of Finance Forms on a Pending quote.

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Changing Available Repayment Terms

77 views April 06, 2020

Add or remove the repayment terms your employees can offer your customers.

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Create Finance Form From Invoice Payment Page

75 views April 06, 2020

If your customer has changed their mind and would like to organise a payment plan once the job...

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Create Finance Forms From The Quoting Screen

129 views April 05, 2020

Create a finance form straight out of FlatRateNOW's quoting screen. In a few clicks, you will...

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Link Brighte & FRN Users

67 views April 05, 2020

Securely track which of your employees are selling payment plans to your customers. Link their...