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Updating The Email Section

977 views November 06, 2019

Emails are generated all the time in FlatRateNOW. In this video, we show you how to update the...

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Adding a Preset Discount to your quote

88 views November 05, 2019

A Preset Discount or more commonly known as a coupon are important to the success of your...

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Create Users in Flat Rate NOW

82 views November 05, 2019

Hiring a new employee? Need to update a user record? In this video, we will show you how to...

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Setting your Dynamic Pricing Limit

164 views November 05, 2019

Setting your dynamic pricing limit allows autonomy for your tradesmen on the field. The dynamic...

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Setting Your Product Markups

217 views November 05, 2019

Each month, Flat Rate NOW imports the latest price file from a range of different suppliers. So...

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How to enable the 'Show Savings' feature

109 views November 05, 2019

To show savings on your quotation you have to enable this feature. In this video, we will show...

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Setting Your Labour Rate

156 views November 05, 2019

You need to set your labour rate if you are going to be quoting accurately. In this video, we...

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Show Savings On Your Quotes

64 views November 05, 2019

Showing the savings on your quotation is a good way to improve your chance of success on your...

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Configure your company settings

137 views November 05, 2019

Make Flat Rate NOW your own. By configuring your company settings, you make Flat Rate NOW yours....

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Setting Up Pricing Tiers

113 views November 05, 2019

Pricing Tiers are important to the sale process. They allow you to offer loyal clients a...

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Quoting a Hot Water System

115 views November 05, 2019

Supply & Install of a Hot Water System is a standard job for any plumber. With this video, we...

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Quote to unblock a drain

73 views November 05, 2019

The staple of any modern plumber is to quote for a blocked drain. In this video, we will show you...