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Using the One Time Task

60 views November 05, 2019

The 'One Time Task' gives you the ability to write up your own task on the spot. All you need to...

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Adding your Call Out Fee to your quote

50 views November 05, 2019

First step in any quotation is to add your call out fee, whether its 'call out fee', 'inspection...

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Navigating Flat Rate NOW

250 views November 05, 2019

Navigating Flat Rate NOW for the first time may be considered 'dauting' but with this short tour,...

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Applying Pricing Tiers to your tasks

63 views November 05, 2019

Pricing Tiers are important to the success of your quotation. Applying a Pensioner, Loyalty,...

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How to Dynamic Price in Flat Rate NOW

89 views November 05, 2019

Set pricing tiers allow you to change the price of a task in a structured way, VIP, Loyal etc....

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Offering a complimentary task in Flat Rate NOW

66 views November 05, 2019

To offer a task as complimentary in Flat Rate NOW, you need to first add it to the quotation....

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Adding Suggested Addon Tasks to your quote

55 views November 05, 2019

Flat Rate NOW prompts you with suggested addons to remind you that there are more than just the...

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Sending Quotes from Flat Rate NOW

72 views November 05, 2019

Sending quotes from Flat Rate NOW is a very simple process. Within the video, you'll learn how to...

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Applying Coupons to your quotes within Flat...

82 views November 05, 2019

Coupons can be a great way to incentive your potential client to proceed with your quotation. To...

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Navigating the Flat Rate NOW Catalogue

69 views November 05, 2019

Learning to navigate the Flat Rate NOW catalogue will significantly improve the time it takes to...

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Building your first quote in Flat Rate NOW

127 views November 05, 2019

Creating your first quote in Flat Rate NOW is exciting, but so your not fumbling around the place...

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How to claim jobs in Flat Rate NOW

65 views November 05, 2019

The Claim Job feature enables your team to move jobs between one another. By claiming the job,...